Sunday, May 16, 2010

Relegation isn't simple (apparently)

So Tiverton Town still do not know what division they will be playing in next season. I'd thought that finishing in a relegation place meant relegation to the division below but in the apparently complex non-league world of parallel divisions and bankruptcy, the Southern League has still yet to decide whether the Yellows will actually drop down a division or gain a reprieve. Not the best preparation for a new season.


  1. You cheating, cheating, cheating, cheating scummers. What is this, Italy?!

  2. Hahahaha!! Ben, I knew you wouldn't like that! It does feel a little like cheating but if the powers that be have decreed that Tiverton will remain in the Premier Division, who am I to argue with them?

    Of course it's not Italy. No money has changed hands, seeing we don't have any to give!


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